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It's simple, just pick up the phone and call.


What, sorry? Ohhh, you wanted prices.


Well, you’re in luck. I have them. And they’re remarkably reasonable.


I’m a relatively new builder, so I’m not gonna be charging you Somogyi-style prices. I also have the great good fortune that I don’t have to make a living from my building, so I can afford to keep my prices low.


How low?


$3000 (US) is my base price.


What does that include? Pretty much everything. Strings, frets, you name it.


Joking aside, you have a choice of top woods. Sitka, Bearclaw Sitka, Lutz, Adirondack, Western Red Cedar, and Redwood. Back and sides include Indian Rosewood, Mahogany, Maple, Padauk, Wenge, and whatever happens to find its way into the shop.


Woods like Cocobolo, Ziricote, and Blackwood are just too damned expensive to keep in inventory, and would have to be ordered. I’d charge you my costs for those.


Want a sound port? No problem, included. A Florentine cutaway (the pointy one)? That’ll cost you an extra $300. I don’t do Venetian cutaways cause I just don’t much like the look of them.


But I guess the point is, I’m flexible. I’m more interested in building guitars than in getting rich. 


I tell people that I started building guitars cause I didn't want to be corrupted by all the money in poetry.

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