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Stray Stuff


An article about local instrument builders that appeared in Watershed Magazine, an Eastern Ontario arts magazine. Gee, who knew I was practicing "alchemy"?

Sound sample

Charlie Rosenberg is a hugely talented young singer and guitarist.

And here he is using his Denvir 12-fret dread.

Check out his Facebook page, along with his electric band, The Thick.

My video debut

My friend Tom Nelson commissioned a 12-string guitar. Because he didn't want the traditional big, boomy, and jangly sound, we built it on a 000 frame.

Here's producer/engineer Tim Hatfield (Keith Richards, Steve Earle, Death Cab For Cutie) on the guitar.

"Clean and articulate, and surprisingly powerful for its size, the Denvir 12 really pulled the whole track together. A beautiful guitar.” 

Here's a video of Tom and his band Heathcote Hill, and the recording and video debut of one of my guitars.

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