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 Photo by David Wren

 Photos by Michael Wallace

This is a 12-fret, all-mahogany 000. Ebony fretboard, head plate and pyramid bridge.


The striking fiddleback mahogany is courtesy of Tom Thiel at Northwind Tonewoods.

I was struck by how resonant and rich it ended up sounding, a far cry from the traditional Martin 17 series guitars.

Here's a review from the owner, posted on the Acoustic Guitar Forum.

I liked the all-mahogany 000 so much, I thought I'd try it again, with more traditionally responsive woods.

This one is cocobolo and bearclaw sitka. Cocobolo fretboard, bridge, and headplate.

Beautiful, rich and warm.

My first cutaway. Ziricote and lutz spruce.

The interesting thing about this one is that I tried a wenge bridge and fretboard for the first time.

When I first strung it up, I was afraid it was going to be too brash, but it's since settled in, and the only word that I can use to describe it is "lively".

Notes just leap out. Probably the most responsive guitar I've built to this point.

Finally, a headstock shape and logo that I'm happy with.

And it only took 18 guitars :-)

You'd think that after a long career in advertising, I'd be a little better at branding myself.


This is a 13-fret 000 that recently went off to Georgia. 24.9" scale. Sinker Redwood top with Wenge back and sides. But far and away, my favourite thing about it was the owner's response.

"OH MY GOD — THE GUITAR IS STUNNING!!!! It’s perfect. The fit and finish are impeccable and the rosette, purfling were the absolute right choices. Just started playing it and my first impression is that it’s sound is “alive” if that make sense. This is going to be a great finger style guitar but I also did some strumming and the redwood gives is just enough headroom.


This is everything I was hoping for.  I will put up your work with anyone."

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